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St. Lucia & The Greater St. Lucia Wetland Park Area

The name St. Lucia to international tourists is synonymous with the Caribbean Island, jewel of the Lesser Antilles, notwithstanding that the name St. Lucia is associated with communities from Europe to Mexico, South America to Australia, and the Philippines to Africa, KwaZulu/Natal, South Africa in fact.  Tucked away between the estuarine system of the larger Lake St. Lucia  and the pristine beaches of the Indian Ocean nestles the small community of St. Lucia, the major development node of the Greater St. Lucia Wetland Park, a World Heritage Site of spectacular and unique bio-diversity. 

The town of St. Lucia

The Samango Monkey Flanked by the world's highest vegetated sand dunes, St. Lucia and the Greater St. Lucia Wetland Area, especially the Eastern Shores, is the eco-tourist's dream. Dune forests, grassy plains, swamps, flood marshes, wetlands and mangrove forests this bio-diversity is all within hiking distance from the center of St. Lucia town.  These habitats are the playground for many species of animal especially the Vervet- and Samango monkeys of which the latter is endemic to the area.  As the Island of St. Lucia is unique with it's endemic St. Lucia parrot, the Greater St. Lucia Wetland Area has the Igwala-gwala, believed to be the bird of fertility in the Zulu culture.

The Igwala-gwala
Over the past 60 years the sleepy town of St. Lucia developed from a wilderness area to a well established tourism center mainly due to domestic tourism which exploited the excellent recreational, bio-diversity and Zulu culture.  The awarding of World Heritage status to the Greater St. Lucia Wetland Area has now opened a myriad of investment potential avenues for international tourism to develop the area.

St. Lucia Central Reservations are specialists in travel itinerary design for the Greater St. Lucia Wetland Area.
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