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In terms of it's service pledge, St. Lucia Central Reservations endeavors to offer the tourist to St. Lucia, the Greater St. Lucia Wetland Park and adjacent areas the best variety of tour products available in order to make the tourist's stay as unforgettable as possible.  Although the preference of activities will vary from tourist to tourist, the products offered represent the majority requests by former visitors to St. Lucia and the Greater St. Lucia Wetland Park area.

Intending tourists are most welcome to e-mail or specify on the reservations request form individual and/or group requirements or preferences which St. Lucia Central Reservations will endeavor to comply with if at all possible.  Special conditions [ if any ] will be conveyed to applicants.

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Sunset over the St. Lucia Estuary

Zulu Warrior dance

St Lucia Activities south Africa
Overnight Turtle Tour [ Seasonal - Daily - Nights ] *
Daily Turtle Tour [ Seasonal - Daily - Nights ] *
Zulu Cultural Experience [ Daily ]
Chameleon Hunt [ Daily - Nights ] *
Whale Watching [ Seasonal - Daily ] *
Eastern Shores Game Drive [ Daily ]
Hippo/Croc. Boat Tours [ Daily ]

Snorkeling the warm Indian Ocean 

Game Reserve Safari [ Daily ]
Snorkeling  [ Daily - weather permitting ]
Deep Sea Fishing [ Daily - weather permitting ]
Bird Watching Safari [ Daily - weather permitting ]
Lake Kayaking Safari [ Daily - weather permitting ]

Lover's Retreat [ 2004 mid-week special ]

Horse Back Safaris [ Daily - weather permitting ]
* These products are subject to concession permits by the relevant authorities and therefore depend on whether such concessions are  granted.
!!! Many of these products include meals and any special dietary requirements must be indicated beforehand by intending participants.

All product prices are SQ only due to availability of operators, group size, etc.


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