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Lake St. Lucia - An Ever-changing Eco-system


The name Lake St. Lucia evokes a variety of images in the midst of all who have visited the area.  To some it is a natural paradise - with flocks of pink flamingoes,  pelicans riding the thermals overhead, ducks dabbling in the beds of water plants,  hippopotamus lazing in the water and crocodiles basking in the mangroves.  To others it is the premier fishing site in South Africa - with memories of the tenacious fight of a springer,  the rasping noise from which the grunter gets its name,  the thrill of landing a huge kob or the splashing of mullet schools leaping in the wake of the boat.


Spoonbills at Brodie's Shallows


But the lake is a variable system,  ever changing and always different.


"Good Morning Mrs. Hippo"


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