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Deep sea recreational fishing is a relatively new sport on the blue waters of the Indian Ocean on the St. Lucia and Greater St. Lucia Wetland Park coastal area.  Due to the high initial capital outlay for equipment, [ boat, equipment, suitable vehicle, etc.] this sport was originally seen as an elitist sport.  Since 1960 radical changes were seen in the boat manufacturing environment which made boats more affordable and a small industry known as the deep sea charter trade developed as a result of the increased demand of individuals to experience the thrill of "fighting" the big ones of the deep blue yonder.  St. Lucia and the Greater St. Lucia Wetland Park area has adequate deep sea fishing charter companies that offer the keen deep sea fisherman the opportunity to fulfill the ultimate dream of landing the "big one."

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Deep sea charter operations at St. Lucia and along the Greater St. Lucia Wetland park coastal area include all equipment & bait for the day's fishing in the charter price. Deep sea fishing charter operators are registered and licensed in order to qualify for the trade. Deep sea fishing boats and safety equipment are regularly inspected by marine & port authorities.  This is the easy way to achieve your fishing dream! - St Lucia South Africa


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